Blaze Story

well. we bought Blaze and Fire at the same time. but I'll tell Blaze story. so. I always wanted a smaller horse. somthing easy for me to ride. I was 10 years old. anyway. it was around my birthday. and I REALLY REALLY BADLY wanted a horse. but I figured that was a dream that would never come true. till one day are farrier said he had 2 horses for sale. so we went and looked. and I saw blaze out in the pasture eating. and got out. and pet him for a bit. and said "I WANT HIM" and the first thing my mom says is. "do you like his color!" LOL, I said "OF COURSE!" but my mom still wasn't planning on getting him or fire. but later on that day Troy saddle Blaze up. and he didn't put the saddle on to good. but anyway, I got on and rode around. and Blaze tryed to get my foot cought in the fence 'thank god he didn't!" but I still wanted him. and fire was $100. (i'll tell his part on a nother blog) but anyway I said ok. i'll just buy fire. for my birthday. so a few days later I see a horse trailer down at a pen we used for are dogs. and the trailer looked just like my dads truck. but I said that is odd. my dad is at work? so I went down there and there was Blaze and Fire! *shocked face* I couldn't believe it! so I rode him a few days later. and boy was I in for a suprise. I got a RBE horse that did NOT like people. was a pain to catch. only could go forward and turn. But he is now my supper horse. were playing in level 4/5 heis very amazing. and loves people. he can get unconfident. at times, but is very willing to put up with my mistakes. he is supper!